The Literary Mayhem of Ian D. Evans

Tired of Thomas Pynchon? Check this random dude out!

About me

I was born in Spearfish, South Dakota on April 1, 1991. Back then, it was called the Lookout Memorial Hospital. Now it’s just simply dull: Spearfish Regional Hospital. I then relocated immediately with my family to Westminster, Denver, Colorado. When I reached 2 years of age, we moved to Rapid city, South Dakota. I attended Robbinsdale Elementary School from 1997 to 2003. I won three consecutive Spelling District championships from 2001 to 2003. I also participated in the National Geographic Bee, making it up to the State round in 2003. However, for all others, I only made it to second place. But enough showing off.

I specialized in both history and writing. History has always been the most interesting. I also am interested in politics, sports, linguistics, astronomy, grammar, music, and drama. I have been playing the cello for 11 solid years: no one can grasp my power now.

My writing history goes back to when I was young. I used to write new Curious George stories just to show my parents. Because those were the books I had been interested in when I was little: Curous George and Little Toot.

Fifth grade made me become a lot more interested in reading. It was around this time when I developed new favorites: Hank the Cowdog and Harry Potter. I have read all seven years. I have read most of Hank the Cowdog’s episodes. I have read over a quarter of Goosebumps. My mother used to make me engage in reading, and to help understand what is going on in the plot lines. By grade 6, I became interested in the classics, namely Charles Dickens, C.S. Lewis, and Mark Twain. Dickens and Twain, especially, have been pretty influential in my writing.

I started my first work in 2008, “Foul Play”, intended to be an entry in the Central States Fair writing competition. It won first prize. The honor gave me an opportunity to submit another work for the Fair the following year. “The Flute of the Ancients”, which is about a young Chinese girl who finds her destiny from a small ancient rainbow flute, won first price as well.

In 2010, I joined the HubPages team. I now work from time to time submitting stories for them to be published on their website as hubs. My first work for them, “Doncia”, received some scorn. It greatly discouraged me from writing for a little while. Now I am back into things. My latest work, “The Meteor”, has been released both on Facebook and Word Press in 2014.


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